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Shani - This is INCREDIBLE wow!!!!!! I love how much detail you give. I'm  going to review with the team to show them all the work you put into these pose guides. Every point you made was spot on and I love the layout of how you did it. Amazing!

Erica B&M New Faces Agent - Toronto

Had models participate in an in studio pose session.

Session Options 


Need someone to ask questions or advice, with real experience as an international model?

You’ve come to the right place. Models Advice offers tools to help you reach your goals as a model.

My skills, knowledge and experience will help you navigate the industry and get you on the right path.

Chat sessions, virtual posing sessions, image review and rebranding sessions and virtual digitals, are some of the services we offer.

All tailored to your specific needs.

If both parties agree moving forward is not in either parties best interest a refund will be issued.
Taxes included in all prices.

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